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Mullets for Darfur March 23, 2007

Filed under: Campaigns,Darfur,Humanitarian,Society — itslateagain @ 9:55 pm

Over last weekend I stumbled upon a one time gig as a hair model for the Aveda Institute in Washington D.C., which was doing a show on men’s hair in conjunction with the release of a new product line.

I ended up getting my hair cut on stage before an audience of hairdressers and cosmetologists, in a stylish fusion of runway and workshop. I tried to be as expressive as I could on stage, but without the luxury of voice, I found my efforts to be minimal at best.

Still, I came out of it with a burnt-sienna tinged mullet, which I’ve since put to good use. I’m running a personal campaign dubbed: “Mullets for Darfur – Save Darfur, Lose the Mullet” in which I will let the person who donates the most money to a Fuel-Efficient Stoves project in Darfur the opportunity to cut off my mullet locks.

Head on over to the site and donate generously! The recommended donation is $5, with my goal set at raising $500.


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