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Tab of “Sacred Heart” by Cass McCombs August 20, 2007

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Morrossey with coiffeCass
I have been debating whether “Sacred Heart” by Cass McCombs is nothing but a lovely, derivative ode to Morrissey, or whether it’s good enough to stand on it’s own. Regardless, it’s a gorgeous tune, with a wonderfully kooky altar boy music video that fits Cass’ lyrics marvellously. Video below.

Thanks to Carlos at ‘finally insane’ for the original tab.

“Sacred Heart”
– Cass McCombs, from the album PREfection (2005)

*CAPO 7th fret

8 bar intro – Gmaj7 (7 1/2 bars) A7

Melody/Verse – D | D – D/C# | Bm | Bm – A | G | G – A7 | (repeat)
(3rd time) – D | D – D/C# | Bm | Bm – A | G | G | G | G | G |

CHORUS – F#m | F#m – A | C | Bm | Bm – D | (repeat)
(3rd time) – F#m | F#m | Gmaj7 | Gmaj7 | Gmaj7 | G – A | (back to verse)

Ending – stay on Gmaj7 after B section

I haven’t seen a live version of this song, but I believe that the lead guitar melody can be serviceably mimicked playing solo through hammering on the D major chord ( x 2 3 5 ) at the appropriate juncture.

Unusual chords: I’m not entirely sure what to call these chords, nor am I interested enough in technical theory to find out. I play them as such:

G7 – 3 2 O O 3 X

A7 – 5 4 O 2 5 O (play in G chord shape, with ring finger on 6th string and little finger on 2nd, creating a nice E drone)


Sacred Heart, surveyed from the summit,
a pantheon, distant as ever,
echoing up the mountainside,
escaped sound, like a kiss upon the forehead
Alas! Jimmy
And all the members of the covenant
Noble scholars,
without you I’d have drowned in gutterwater
You, of course, have my infinite gratitude
You, My Most Sacred Heart
Yet I piss and moan for the wanker* (x 2)
Dearly Departed,
we are gathered here today in reverence
Dearly Departed,
we all will return to the soil
For all my Alas!-es
I cannot mend this massive slashing
Futile beacon!
Cinderella’s in the doghouse
The doghouse
The doghouse
No, love doesn’t always boomerang

[*not sure about this, but that’s what I hear!]

And, for good measure, an example of the clear Smiths’ influence:

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