culture, music, and identity politics musings from a 20-something Australian-Asian living in Washington D.C.

About ItsLateAgain July 7, 2006

DumdumItslateagain 1.0 begun as a blog about an Australian Chinese college student named Mark and morphed into a less personal, more opinionated piece focused on several of his favorite topics: indie music, cricket, immigration and identity politics, international development and art. It has since become the repository of Mark’s dodgy but fun themed podcasts.

Itslateagain is the mothership of Mark’s other online vehicles:

A shaw thing is a blog he maintained occasionally specifically regarding race, class and gentrification in the neighborhood of Shaw in Washington DC

Mullets 4 Darfur is a campaign site for his short-lived but fun campaign to raise funds through his haircut for a fuel-efficient stoves project in Darfur being implemented by CHF International, a non-profit that does great work in communities throughout the developing world.

Mark currently lives and works in the Washington DC area where he attends concerts, plays and talks about basketball, dresses goofy and dances to old-school hip hop.


2 Responses to “About ItsLateAgain”

  1. teakwood Says:

    hey mark, nice to find you on here! my blog is here. impressive photo

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